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Email access management#6


We face the very typical problem for email access management

Here is the detail explanation

Consider the use case as below

User -1 ( Manager )
User -2 ( Support )
User -3 (Support )
User -4 (Sales)
User -5 ( Sales)

Consider below three email id and that is
[email protected] ( For USER-2 and 3)
[email protected] ( For USER-4)
[email protected] (configure for only sent)

Issue is how to grant the access of the above email based on their department

we configure Support Email in User -2’s salecamp id but while configure support email in User -3’s salecamp account - its neither successful configure nor saw any error

When we configure [email protected] and give access to USER-4 and I have to select to access “ALL” and in this case User -4 can see [email protected] email of USER-2 and USER-4 too

This make very difficult situation to manage the focused work flow

My advice is to configure the email access management same as per contact and deal board access management, this will make Admin to manage access of particular email id to particular User as per need

4 months ago

thanks for the feedback,

This feedback make seance, we will definently consider it in development, will keep you updated with status.

4 months ago

@COPEMAN SPECIALITY LLP we have implimented this feature :)
feel free to contact me [email protected] if you have more feedback on top of this!

3 months ago
Changed the status to
3 months ago

appreciate your response time

3 months ago